Hacking is a specialty of Tech characters. There are two kinds of hacks: wire hacks and computer hacks.

Types of hacksEdit

Wire hackEdit

To unlock a door or other simple electronic system, you'll need to complete a wire hack. Click on a section of wiring to rotate it until the contacts on the left and the right are connected and the "OPEN" sign lights up. Left-clicking and right-clicking both rotate a piece clockwise. A single wire hack may require tampering with one or more wires of varying length and complexity.

Computer hackEdit

Gaining access to a computer is no simple feat. To do so, you need to line up the columns of ascending or descending numbers until all the ones are on the same line and moving in the same direction. Click on a column to toggle the direction its numbers are moving. The more complex the computer, the more columns to line up.

Fast hackEdit

A fast hack is a hack (either wire or computer) performed within a predefined time limit. Fast hacks grant 25 experience points each and can unlock two achievements:

The time limit for a wire hack is denoted by the bar labelled "Actuator Charge" and its red cursor moving right. The cursor will not start moving until you rotate a piece; therefore, take a moment to examine the wires and plan ahead.

For a computer hack, the limit is denoted by the bar labelled "Access Status" and a similar red cursor moving right. Unlike a wire hack, the logging process begins as soon as the Tech switches to the hacking interface. The computer in Timor Station is the only one in Jacob's Rest in which a fast hack can be performed; the one in Landing Bay cannot log access.

In both cases, Adrenaline makes fast hacks easier to perform by slowing down the logging process.

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