The Freeze Grenades are an offhand item unlocked at level 8. They deal zero damage, instead freezing all enemies caught in their explosive radius. While frozen, enemies cannot move or attack at all. The Explosives Bonus skill increases the freeze duration by 0.3 seconds per skill point (they appear to have about a 3 second duration by default).


A set of highly explosive liquid nitrogen canisters. Each explosive is capable of temporarily freezing all aliens within its blast radius, rendering the aliens highly vulnerable to impacts.


  • No friendly fire
  • Instant crowd control that's even more effective than stun
  • Can extinguish burning teammates


  • Deals no damage
  • Low ammo capacity


  • Although the Freeze Grenades's description mentions making the affected aliens vulnerable to impacts, in practice a frozen alien takes no extra damage from bullets or melee attacks.
  • The Freeze Grenade is the thinking man's grenade. Whenever you or a teammate are facing packs of aliens, Freeze Grenades can help, and with no risk of friendly fire. Saving a fellow marine from being surrounded is one of the Freeze Grenade's best uses. Don't be put off by the lack of damage.
  • Use them to lock down Shieldbugs so other marines can swing behind them and take them out with ease.
  • Killing a frozen Harvester prevents it from creating multiple Xenomites upon death.
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