The Flashlight Attachment is an offhand item unlocked at level 18 that has the obvious benefit of providing a source of illumination, whichever weapon a marine is holding.


A high-intensity, self-recharging multi-bulb flashlight attachment, for providing targetted illumination at times of low visibility.


  • Provides illumination in dark areas
  • Passive effect that requires no activation


  • Does no damage by itself


  • An alternative to the Flares or the Nightvision Goggles for a marine who wishes to light up dark areas where aliens may be hiding. Unlike the Combat Flares, the Flashlight requires no management, but it does not provide any auto-aim bonus. And while the Nightvision Goggles do an arguably better job of lighting up your surroundings, they do not provide illumination for the rest of the squad and must recharge.
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