First Anomaly is the last map in Orion's Threat, one of the campaigns introduced in Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop.

Objectives Edit

  1. Destroy Swarm Eggs 0/18
    Clear the area
  2. Access the industrial complex
    Scanner shows that the path ahead is most likely blocked.
    Investigate the blockage and continue the route through industrial complex
  3. More Eggs to Destroy {revealed after accessing industrial complex}
    Deal with even more Swarm Eggs on the way
  4. Download data and pass Airlocks {revealed after accessing industrial complex}
  5. Anomaly {revealed after airlocks are passed}
    Scanner shows strange anomaly on the way
    Investigate it.
  6. Immediately evacuation {revealed after anomaly is investigated}
    Wait for lift to be clear and evacuate!

Notes Edit

  • One of the rooms adjacent to the room containing the anomaly contains several weapons and equipment items as well as two Tech-only panels, each connected to a turret on the opposite side of the wall from the panel. One of the weapons is a 50cal with a slightly slower fire rate than a full-auto rifle, a clip size of 200 and no reserve clips.
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