The Fire Extinguisher is a special weapon found on some levels. It can be used to extinguish fires and allow passage. It deals no damage to players or enemies, but will extinguish them if they are on fire.


Filled with a multi-purpose flame supressant, this item can be used to extinguish any kind of fire encountered in the field.


  • Allows passage through areas on fire
  • Can extinguish burning marines
  • Very large clip
  • Conserves Flamer ammo


  • Cannot harm enemies, but may extinguish them
  • Superfluous - for the most part - when a Flamer is available
  • Occupies a weapon slot


  • Most levels that feature fires have Fire Extinguishers in close proximity; while you can use the Flamer's alt-fire to extinguish fires, using the Fire Extinguisher will conserve the former's ammo. Keep in mind that once a Fire Extinguisher is out of ammo, though, you cannot reload it or get a new clip.
  • Don't forget to go back and retrieve your weapon after you're done with the Fire Extinguisher.
  • Do not use near burning aliens as it does extinguish them as well.
  • The Fire Extinguisher can extinguish Incendiary Mines that have gone off.


  • With the Steam Workshop Item 'More Starting Equipment' for AS:RD the player can equip an Fire Extinguisher in the Lobby as an Equipment Item
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