The Explosives Bonus skill increases the damage, blast radius, quantity, and duration of explosives.


Each point in Explosives Bonus has the following effect on Hand Grenades, Grenade Launcher and the Explosive Sentry:

  • Increases blast radius by 20 (from a base of 280)
  • Increases damage by 10 (from a base of 80)
  • For Hand Grenades, each point adds a secondary cluster detonation. Sarge's and Crash's Hand Grenades cause an initial explosion, then two smaller ones; Jaeger's cause an initial explosion, then four smaller ones.

Each point also affects the following items:

  • Increases each Hornet Barrage's missile damage by 1 (from a base of 50)
  • Increases the freeze duration of Freeze Grenades by 0.3 second
  • Increases the firewall duration of Incendiary Mines by 5 seconds (from a base of 10), and firewall width (Jaeger's firewalls are approximately 33% wider than Sarge's)
  • Increases the Assault Rifles frag-grenade damage

The skill allows a character to place multiple Trip Mines at once with each of the 12 uses in a pack:

  • Sarge and Crash place 2 mines at once, totaling to 24 mines in a pack.
  • Jaeger places 3 mines at once, totaling to 36 mines in a pack.
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