A large caliber pistol, designed to provide the most firepower possible in smallest package. However, it does so at the expense of magazine capacity. It is unlocked at Level 28. It has a flashlight attachment, but it provides no light unless a Flashlight offhand item is equipped. It was contributed to the game by Floggar.

Description Edit

The Desert Eagle pistol fires 12.7x33mm rounds and is capable of destroying a Swarm drone in a single shot. Crouching improves accuracy.

Advantages Edit

  • High damage per shot, higher than the dedicated sniper weapons
  • Faster firing rate than the Twin Pistols
  • Only draws 10% of an Ammo Stash to resupply a magazine

Disadvantages Edit

  • Small magazine size
  • Damage per shot cannot be augmented by any Skills
  • Shots do not overpenetrate, unlike the dedicated sniper weapons

Strategy Edit

The Desert Eagle is a good weapon for Medics and Techs, classes which are generally not on the front lines of combat and often sacrifice a weapon slot for a healing device, an Ammo Satchel, or a Bullet Sentry.

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