Deima Surface Bridge Speed Run is an achievement that requires you to complete the map Deima Surface Bridge within 2:30 minutes on Normal or harder difficulty. This achievement is repeatable.


  • Strategy 1
    • Use the shortcut through the first welded door, on the right, instead of going the long way around. Vegas's welder will open it faster than 3 Chainsaws.
    • Your Tech must be a proficient hacker. Use Adrenaline to further speed up the process. If done correctly, the door should start opening before the Swarm waves even show up.
    • A great way to save time is to play as either Wildcat or Faith (for their Speed Bonus) and pick up the Assault Jets found on the level. After hacking the computer, use the Jets to jump over the fence as it is opening, over the gap to the panel, then finally over the bridge the panel unlocks to trigger the pipeline's destruction (and the appearance of the Shieldbug) faster. This requires the player using Assault Jets to likely seperate himself to grab the Jet while the other two marines cover the Tech as he unwelds the first door.
    • You can skip the Shieldbug encounter by running past as it leaps to the left. Make a run for the final terminal and use adrenaline to speed up the wire hack. If the Shieldbug catches up to you, delay it until Bloodhound takes care of it for you.
  • Strategy 2
    • Ignore the welding door. Take Adrenaline, Freeze Grenades and anything else needed to hold off a large wave of drones.
    • Have the tech take the Assault Jets. Where the assault jets spawn as close to the northeast corner as you can get it is possible to jump the building and land just outside the hacking panel. Use a second jump to land next to the panel.
    • Have Wildcat run to the button when the door opens and blow the pipeline.
    • The tech can make a time saving jump from the top railing just after the bridge over the pipeline.
  • Strategy 3
    • Uses fence exploit, see best time strategy below.

Best time video strategiesEdit

2-4 players with exploitEdit

Time: 2:03 (0:27 under requirement)

This strategy requires a minimum of two Techs. One tech will take the Assault Jets and pass through the first fence using the exploit (see video). Using the quickest combination of jumps, that Tech will activate the bridge, blow the pipeline and hack the second panel as quickly as possible. The second Tech will open the gate (first objective) and meet the first Tech at the long bridge with Bloodhound. Once Bloodhound lowers to allow the marines to cross, both Techs (and any other marines) will run as quickly as they can to the end level trigger. The second Tech (the one who hacks the first door) may have trouble escaping the room without help of a third marine.

This run was completed on Insane to make use of the speed bonus.


Alien Swarm - Deima speedrun 2 07 (brutal solo)

Alien Swarm - Deima speedrun 2 07 (brutal solo)

Time: 2:07 (0:23 under requirement)

The jumps used in this run are most easily performed with an aspect ratio of 16:9. Pay most attention to the position of the cursor before each jump.

This run was completed on Brutal to make use of the speed bonus.

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