Deima Surface Bridge is the third map in Jacob's Rest, the first official campaign.


  1. Gain access to the pipeline
    Scans indicate heavy swarm activity near the pipelines. Locate compromised pipeline.
  2. Destroy the infested Pipeline
    The Pipeline is being used by the swarm to access the colony. This presents a perfect containment opportunity. Use the construction explosives present to destroy the pipeline.
  3. Get to the Colony Reactor entrance
    Once all other objectives are complete, head to the Colony Reactor entrance. The entrance is located due north accross the drawbridge.

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Insane ModeEdit

Completion of this mission can be daunting on insane mode. A well coordinated team is required, and everyone should agree on the tactic they are using. A good route for this mission is to go right upon starting and head north to the first welded door. Set up a defensive point here with a sentry and possibly a damage amplifier as the door is either unwelded or broken open with a chainsaw. Then head up to the first hacking room and clear out the waves of drones. Once the drone waves slow down, kill the two mortar bugs and set up a sentry or two in the hack room. Defend as normal, and wait for all the waves to be killed before exiting the room. Then head up to the bridge and use a stun/freeze grenade on the ambush that spawns. Once the pipe is detonated, it is a good idea to drop a tesla coil for the shield bug. When crossing the long bridge, stay in the spotlight of the Bloodhound and have people facing left and right to hold off drone waves. Running to the mission exit is simple, and the mission is now complete!

Notable ItemsEdit

  • A short distance Northwest of the welded door which blocks the shorter of the two paths to the first objective is a room whose door is welded shut. Just outside this room are Assault Jets, and inside the room itself is an Bullet Sentry. This room can be assaulted by Mortarbugs when playing on Insane, so it is wise to find a means to exterminate them before taking shelter there.
  • Before running the gauntlet with Bloodhound, there will be one Ammo kit and one Autogun ammo kit.
  • Three PDAs can be found on this map.
  • When opening the first welded door on the right side, you will face an intense bombardment from Rangers and Mortarbugs combined. It is critical to move as a team past this area, or terminate each problematic bug at a time. These bugs will not spawn when travelling the northmost route which is longer but usually safer.
  • The introductory Shieldbug you encounter on your way towards the Bridge has an additional 1000 health compared to standard Shieldbugs.

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