Cheat codes are game-breaking shortcuts or hacks. They can be used to give players an unfair advantage in competitive gameplay.

Double-trigger scriptEdit

Does not work in Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop anymore. Because the firing rate of the pistols is dependent on mouse clicking speed, there are many ways to increase the firing rate using scripts. The following is an example of a script that causes a bullet to be fired when mouse1 is pressed and again when it is released, effectively doubling your firing rate.

alias +doubletrigger "+attack; wait 2; -attack"
alias -doubletrigger "+attack; wait 2; -attack"
alias +trigger +attack
alias -trigger -attack
alias weaponswitch asw_invlast
alias weaponswitcha "asw_invlast; alias +trigger +doubletrigger; alias -trigger -doubletrigger; 
echo Double trigger enabled (weapon switch); alias weaponswitch weaponswitchb"
alias weaponswitchb "asw_invlast; alias +trigger +attack; alias -trigger -attack; echo Double 
trigger disabled (weapon switch); alias weaponswitch weaponswitcha"
alias swaptrigger swaptriggerb
alias swaptriggera "alias +trigger +attack; alias -trigger -attack; alias weaponswitch 
asw_invlast; echo Double trigger disabled; play weapons/3d/reloads/reload4.wav; alias 
swaptrigger swaptriggerb"
alias swaptriggerb "alias +trigger +doubletrigger; alias -trigger -doubletrigger; alias 
weaponswitch weaponswitchb; echo Double trigger enabled; play weapons/2d/active_reload1.wav; 
alias swaptrigger swaptriggera"
bind t swaptrigger
bind mouse1 +trigger
bind q weaponswitch

From your Steam folder, go to steamapps/common/alien swarm/swarm/cfg and create the file autoexec.cfg. Paste this code into it.

This script assumes the player uses q to switch weapons. If you use the mousewheel as well, add the lines "bind mwheelup weaponswitch" and "bind mwheeldown weaponswitch" to the bottom of the script.

Any keys can be rebound, but by default, press t to turn on and off the double trigger. Different reload sounds will play as indicators of when it is turned on or off. The script is designed to have the double trigger functioning when the pistols are held and temporarily turned off when you switch weapons; for this reason, you must turn the double trigger on when you are holding the pistols.

Debug MenuEdit

Pressing Shift+F1 during the mission causes to show debug menu. It has many functions and you can edit Performance, MatSys, Renderer, Physics, AI and Node Graph
  • Performance
  • MatSys
  • Renderer
  • Physics
  • AI
  • Node Graph
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