Cargo Elevator Speed Run is an achievement that requires you to complete the map Cargo Elevator within 2:50 minutes on Normal or harder difficulty. This achievement is repeatable.


  • Use Hornet Barrages to clear a path through the mobs which would otherwise stop you from progressing quickly.
  • Consider using the Adrenaline to help wipe out the huge Swarm waves encounter at the window-sections.
  • At the "physics puzzle" with the chem pit, staying at the top and rolling up and to the left can help save a little time.
    • You may bypass the "physics puzzle" by running on the right side of the pit against the metal plate, and only running forward (not to the side).
  • Do not stop for health and ammo before getting on the lift. This means using as few shots as possible and getting hit as little as possible, especially solo.
  • Start the lift as soon as you get on. Use the pause before the drones start dropping to set up a sentry.
  • Remember to hug the east wall of the elevator as it comes in to the dock.

Best time video strategyEdit

Time: 2:32 (0:18 under requirement)

The only time constraint is the activation of the elevator; thus, a solo run with the fastest marine, Wildcat, will yield the best time. The Grenade Launcher is necessary for quickly clearing the Swarm. The Smart Bomb and Autogun are optional but recommended. The player takes the shortest path, pre-firing areas where Drones will spawn. The smart bomb is used in a high density area while the player is reloading. Bypass the physics puzzle using above strategy (or see video), then run past the enemies to activate the elevator. At the bottom the player uses the grenade launcher to clear the path and trigger the end of the level.

This run was completed on Hard to make use of the speed bonus.

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