Cargo Elevator is the second map in Jacob's Rest the first official campaign.


  1. Activate the cargo elevator and descend
    Our plans of the factility show a large cargo elevator located to the north of your entry point. Use the elevator to descend to the lower level and then proceed to the depot exit.
  2. Access the facility exterior
    Once your squad has completed the descent, proceed to the facility exit and move your squad outside.

Notable ItemsEdit

Wiki pic 4

Barrels near pit

  • On the way to the elevator you have to create a bridge over a deadly pit, step on the platform to the right and destroy the red barrels to do so.
  • There will be a lone Healing Kit before the green gas pit. It is wise for Medics to refer the most wounded player to the kit to make optimal use of healing supplies.
  • There will be two Personal Healing Kits, one full Ammo kit, and one Autogun Ammo kit before the Elevator. Share these resources with your team! But make it to the elevator quickly, as Aliens will continue to flow in.


There's an out-of-bounds glitch directly at the beginning of the level, at the first platform you encounter. Once you are on the platform move past the section that has no railing. You should fall to the ground below once you have done it.

Speed RunEdit

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