A small flying insectoid prone to diving down from above, Buzzers are a nuisance, but not a huge threat by themselves. Their ability and capacity to disorient and distract a marine who might otherwise be engaged with other swarm lifeforms makes them troublesome.


  • They deal relatively low amounts of damage, but present a small target that can be hard to hit unless using a weapon with automatic aim assistance, such as the Prototype Rifle or Autogun.
  • In order to hit Buzzers while they are flying, it is usually necessary to hold the crosshair directly over them. Doing so will cause the marine to aim their weapon at the Buzzer.
  • A Buzzer's attack will shake the screen and disorient marines more than normal swarm so rapid killing is advised.
  • It is often easier to use melee attacks against Buzzers due to the fairly wide area-of-effect; however, if facing multiple Buzzers there is a high chance that one of them will be able to hit you. Due to latency, it can sometimes be hard to hit them.
  • Buzzers, like Biomass and Eggs, are more vulnerable to fire than most Swarm. Flames burn on them for extremely prolonged periods, often till they are killed, making the Flamer particularly effective against them.



Early concept

  • The earliest buzzer concept available from Alien Swarm 2K4 shares a very similar appearance with the Beta Aliens.
  • Buzzers glitch on insane difficulty due to swarm speed adjustment. It causes them to spin as though they were a bullet while moving around, instead of flying normally.
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