You will need a Tech in every mission, except Bonus Mission 3.

Story Edit

Missions in various parts of the galaxy

Missions Edit

Bonus Mission 1 Edit

  • Find the Armoury

Bonus Mission 2 Edit

  • Get Access to Inner Perimeter
  • Search for Survivors
  • Move to the Next Sector

Bonus Mission 3 Edit

  • Find the blueprints
  • Plant explosives on the door
  • Plant explosives in the classroom
  • Plant explosives on the main entrance
  • Plant explosives in the sleeping quarters
  • Plant explosives near the tanks
  • Escape

Bonus Mission 4 Edit

  • Access the inner perimeter
  • Download the flight data
  • Activate the cargo elevator and descend
  • Access the facility exterior

Bonus Mission 5 Edit

  • Restore the power of the metal bridge
  • Find documents that describe the recent activities
  • Find a passage to leave the sector.
  • Exit the base.

Bonus Mission 6 Edit

  • Find communication center
  • Clear the bridge
  • Find and activate the beacon
  • Turn off area lighting
  • Activate beacon
  • Await evac

Bonus Mission 7 Edit

  • Start up Fuel Pump
  • Start up Cooling Pump
  • Start up Generators
  • Hack Main Computer
  • Proceed to the power plant exit
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