Bonus Mission 6 - Paranoia 4+5 - is the last map in Bonus Missions, one of the campaigns introduced in Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop. It is the original undivided version of High Tension and Crucial Point.

Objectives Edit

  1. Find communication center
    Proceed to the outpost's communication center.
    We have documentation of the strange studies done by this outpost. This information should be reported to the IAF before we can request evac.
  2. Clear the bridge {revealed after finding a bridge blocked by rocks}
    The bridge is obstructed by a pile of rocks. We must find a way to clear the path.
    The mine area to the north might contain tools or explosives which can help us.
  3. Find beacon {revealed after activating the computer in the communication center}
    Find and activate the beacon to request evacuation.
  4. Turn off area lighting {revealed soon after map start}
    [Optional] Turn off the exterior lighting system.
    Turning the lighting system off should attract fewer aliens. Unfortunately, it will also negatively impact our own visibility.
  5. Activate beacon
    Activate the beacon to request evacuation.
  6. Await evac
    Wait for the evac dropship to arrive. Be prepared to defend this position.
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