Bonus Mission 5 - Paranoia 2+3 - is the fifth map in Bonus Missions, one of the campaigns introduced in Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop. It is the unsplit original Paranoia's mission 2 Hostile Places.

Objectives Edit

  1. Restore the power of the metal bridge
    This level is no longer powered. The power should be restored to pass the metal bridge. Then we will continue in the level, to find documents about recent activities of this base.
  2. Find documents that describe the recent activities
    We should know if the problem is there since a moment, so now we have to find documents that detail the problems, activities, and transactions in recent days.
    (Note: Get close to them to pick them up.)
  3. Find a passage to leave the sector.
    We have enough information from documents retrieved, so now we must get out of here! There seems to be a northwest passage to the medical room.
  4. Exit the base.
    Well, we just have to continue, and certainly we will go back to the surface soon.
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