Leon Bastille was born on a prison world, child of political prisoners; when political tides shifted, his family was released. It was a world run by black marketeers, where he learned basic medicine hands-on. He also received a strong, if informal, academic education (the prison being full of philosophers, authors, educators, poets and priests). Bastille is naturally suspicious of others, but also an excellent combat medic.


  • His name is likely a reference to the Bastille in France, a political prison that played a critical role during the French Revolution, and an allusion to his early life, growing up on a prison world.

UT 2k4 BioEdit

Leon Bastille grew up back on Earth in France. In his early teens he and his family were forced offworld due to the absurdly high living costs, which skyrocketed in the late 40's despite government assurance to the contrary. Searching for work on far off colonyworlds, he subsequently lost both parents and his older brother to alien disease they contracted while stowed away on a cheap cargo hauler. Bastille is a naturally suspicious man, but a competent medic.

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