Assault Jets are an equipment slot item that cannot be unlocked, but are instead found on certain levels. Assault Jets allow you to jump over small gaps and distances. Landing on swarm will either kill them outright, or cause them to be knocked back a good distance, potentially off cliffs or over protective railings. You are temporarily invulnerable when jumping to the targeted location. Each Assault Jets pack is limited to five jumps total; one charge is consumed per jump.


To use the Assault Jets, move your mouse cursor to your desired destination and simply press the offhand activation key (1 by default). If the target location is inaccessible, a red circle-X will appear upon the terrain and no charges will be consumed.

Assault Jets are found in 'secret' areas of certain maps:


  • Allows escape when surrounded by swarm
  • Can damage and knock back enemies


  • Limited charges
  • Can only be picked up in-game, not in the lobby


  • Use when surrounded to escape... or jump right back down on the enemies to kill them or knock them back.
  • On Timor Station the Assault Jets allow you to leap across the moving bridge while the door to the bridge is still closed.


  • With the Steam Workshop Item 'More Starting Equipment' for AS:RD the player can equip this weapon in the Lobby
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