Adrenaline is an unlockable Equipment slot item unlocked at level 10. When one of the three Adrenaline syringes is used, all players will experience ten seconds of slow motion and see a small window showing a third-person over the shoulder view of their character. Bastille's Combat Drugs skill increases the duration of Adrenaline used by anyone in the squad by 6 seconds, for a total of 16 seconds.


A powerful injection fresh from SynTek Pharmaceutical Division. In times of great danger, IAF troops can apply this adrenaline, giving themselves heightened reactions and perceptions. Metabolized completely within a matter of seconds, this drug can mean the difference between life and death in a tough spot, then leave a marine clear-headed and ready to proceed.


  • Simulates 'faster' reaction times, allowing for more precise shots and movement
  • Over the shoulder view increases sight range
  • Affects all party members


  • Deals no damage by itself


  • Any chaotic situation is the perfect time for Adrenaline. Makes shooting aliens, avoiding their attacks, and healing other marines (if you're a Medic) easier. It also has unlimited range, so when your squad is split up and heavily outnumbered, shoot up and regroup.
  • Adrenaline is not specific to Medics, although it is best used if Bastille is around to increase its duration.
  • Useful to speed up hacking, since it slows down the logging process but not the hacking itself. Adrenaline used in the Deima Surface Bridge hacking room removes the need for defense, which is crucial for a speed run.


  • Using Adrenaline triggers a user's custom music, if they replaced the default music that plays for adrenaline.
  • Using Adrenaline can increase frame per second.
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