The second of the two sniping weapons, unlocked at level 19, the AVK-36 Marksman Rifle is a lethally precise weapon, thanks to its enhanced target imaging mode as well as its magazine capacity, allowing for multiple shots before having to reload.


The AVK-36 Marksman Rifle is a semi-automatic rifle, firing 7.62x51mm rounds capable of destroying a Swarm drone in a single shot. The AVK-36 is a modified version of the classic AVK-32, fitted for marine combat suits and meant for firing on the move.


  • Very high damage.
  • Enhanced target imaging allows accurate sniping and helps distinguish friend from foe.
  • Bullets pierce targets, striking additional enemies.


  • Low rate of fire.
  • Low ammo capacity.
  • Slow movement speed when enhanced targeting is enabled.


  • While it deals less damage per shot than the Rail Rifle, the AVK-36 excels in quickly dealing damage reliably without the need to time fast reloads between shots. As a result, the AVK-36 can sustain semi-burst damage against a particular target when the situation gets heated.
  • As expected of sniper weapons, close ranged combat with the AVK-36 is not recommended both due to its fire rate and to the preciousness of every shot as a result of the limited ammunition capacity. In addition, the ability of the shots to penetrate their target can pose a risk of friendly fire if care is not taken to check beyond the intended target.
  • Similar to the Rail Rifle, aim far. The Marksman Rifle's bullets can pierce one target and hit a second one before stopping.
  • The enhanced target imaging mode, which highlights enemies in green, allows for precise shots to be measured due to the zoom image created around the cursor. The marine's movement will be slowed while using this imaging mode, so ensure that the surroundings are safe enough and that moving slowly is not a risk.
  • Careful use of the enhanced target imaging mode also allows marines to pick off targets that are above or below more reliably than the standard aiming reticle. Simply place the crosshairs directly over the target and fire. A single marine with the AVK-36 on Cargo Elevator can easily deal with the Drones that climb the ceiling slope, leaving his teammates free to take out those that leap down from above.
  • The Marksman Rifle's bullets can go through the north-west door in SynTek Residential: one marine with a Flamer and the Marksman Rifle can thus clear the entire western side of the map without having to hack that door or destroy it, a great advantage for a speed run.
  • A player using the AVK-36 Marksman Rifle can move their character up against any weldable door and fire through it, this is a good strategy to use if you've welded a door and want to clear any Drones attempting to tear it down from the other side.
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