The Devastator is a heavy, fully-automatic shotgun capable of putting out extremely high damage very quickly but has the shortest effective range of all Special Weapons. Its heaviness slows the user down somewhat, but unlike the Minigun it does not need to spin up. It is unlocked at level 29.


The IAF AA42 HAS42 Devastator is a fully automatic close range heavy assault shotgun. IAF standard ammunition loadout provides for 12-gauge rounds. Special Weapons training is required. Its devasting power makes it ideal for taking out large groups of hostile targets in close range.


  • Extremely large magazine
  • Wide cone of fire
  • Very high damage per second
  • As it is not considered an Autogun, Autogun Damage Bonus does not apply. However, Piercing Bullets does take effect, so Wolfe makes the most use of this weapon.


  • Slower movement speed while holding it
  • Inaccurate compared to the Autogun
  • Can only carry one spare magazine, and obtaining a new one requires 60% of an ammo crate or Ammo Satchel
    • Is not considered an Autogun, so special Autogun Ammo boxes found in missions cannot be used to reload it.
  • High spread makes it difficult to avoid friendly fire


  • Bullet spread is slightly smaller while crouching


  • This weapon has been contributed to the game by Floggar.
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