The 22A7-Z Prototype Rifle is a Tech-specific version of the Assault Rifle. It possesses the same attributes, but replaces the fragmentary grenades with stun grenades and incorporates an assisted aim system.


The 22A7-Z is a prototype version of the standard 22A3 Assault Rifle, designed for use in urban environments, specializing in crowd control and fire situations around civilian targets. Still in testing stages, a number of models have been given to the IAF for evaluation. The A7-Z is fitted with an assisted aim firing chamber and a series of stun grenades. Due to the complicated calibration required for the Prototype's auto-aim, this rifle is only usable by technically trained marines.


  • Assisted aim improves accuracy
  • Decent accuracy at all ranges
  • Stun grenades useful in crowd-controlling swarm
  • Stun grenades do not affect friendly targets, allowing their use in close quarters


  • Low damage per shot
  • Limited quantity of stun grenades


  • The 22A7-Z's greatest assets are its auto-aim capabilities and stun grenades. While its damage output is not spectacular by any means, it does contribute a surprising amount of damage in steady hands and it is usable at all ranges. The auto-aim allows the weapon to be used to assist team members who are otherwise pinned by the Swarm in close combat with reduced risk of friendly fire, though care should always be taken when considering firing anywhere near team members.
  • The stun grenades give this weapon its true calling: crowd control under any situation. It provides a team with the ability to flank Shieldbugs with ease or to funnel the swarm into a cluster for mass extermination. As the stun grenades do not affect the user or their squad mates, they can be used in panic situations, without fear of unwanted side effects, to give the team some breathing space and time to regroup.
  • The 22A7-Z Prototype shares the same ammunition as the 22A3-1 Assault Rifle. When taking both weapons, the maximum spare magazine capacity is increased to 10 magazines, though both weapons draw from this shared pool.
  • The 22A7-Z Prototype can auto-aim at distant aliens on the roof of the Cargo Elevator ride, making it a valuable choice for that level.
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