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XP calculation screen

Though the characters, classes and their skills are fixed, players can earn Experience Points for their account by completing missions and earning Achievements. Each Achievement is worth 50 experience points, and experience from missions is based on several factors.

See Leveling for a list of unlocks and their associated levels.

Players still earn experience even if their marine dies during the course of a mission - but your income will probably be lower than that of your surviving squadmates unless you died near the end of the mission.

Experience Calculation, Earning and Modifiers[]

Objective Completion
Each player is awarded up to 1000 xp, split evenly between each objective.
Up to 100 xp can be earned, and each kill (regardless of enemy type) is worth 1 xp.
The closer you are to the Speed Run time for that level, the more experience you earn in this category, up to a maximum of 100. In general you will not earn any experience for finishing near the par time for a level; this bonus is based on proximity to the achievement times.
Friendly Fire
Up to 100 xp can be earned upon mission completion. 1 xp is deducted for each point of self-damage and friendly fire (including damage from your sentries) inflicted.
Damage Taken
Up to 100 xp can be earned upon mission completion. 1 xp is deducted for each point of damage taken during the mission (not your health upon completing the mission).
A Medic earns 1 xp for every 10 points of health they restore to teammates, up to a maximum of 50 xp for 500 or more health points restored. IAF Personal Healing Kits do not contribute towards this category.
Fast Hacks
A Tech earns 25 xp for each successful fast hack, up to a maximum of 50 xp.


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Certain Achievements can be quietly re-earned over the course of a mission to provide additional earnings. Their re-earning will not be announced to the other players in the session, but the information will be present on the Stats/Summary screen for you during debrief. Each achievement - regardless of re-earnability - is worth an extra 50 experience before the difficulty modifier/multiplier.

Re-earnable Achievements include, but are not limited to:

Quick and Dead.jpg Quick and Dead
Убейте Swarm Boomer до того, как он раздуется.
If the entire squad focuses fire on a Boomer, it should go down before it can inflate, making this easy to re-earn.

Gunslinger.jpg Gunslinger
Выполните подряд пять быстрых перезарядок.
Very easy to re-earn when you're familiar with the Fast Reload system. If you haven't re-earned it when you near the completion of a mission and your team isn't in a rough situation, then you can fast-reload a few times before exiting.

Sharpshooter.jpg Sharpshooter
Завершите миссию с точностью более чем 90%.
This is easier to re-earn in solo runs, since ammo conservation is vital and enemy movement is more predictable. It's also easy to achieve when using a weapon with auto-aim.

Zero Mortality.jpg Zero Mortality
Завершите миссию на нормальной или более высокой сложности так, чтобы не умер ни один десантник.
This is much easier with a coordinated team that has at least one Medic.

Under the Gun.jpg Under the Gun
Подкатитесь под снарядом Рейнджера.
One of the easiest achievements to re-earn on levels with Rangers (i.e. Deima, Rydberg, Residential, Timor).

Short Controlled Bursts.jpg Short Controlled Bursts
Завершите миссию ни разу не попав по напарнику. В игре должны присутствовать все четыре десентника.
Unless you use the Tesla Cannon all the time, play a Peace Medic, or reduce your offensive output, this one can be challenging.

Protect the Tech.jpg Protect the Tech
Охраняйте техника команды так, чтобы он не был ранен во время взлом.
With good sentry gun placement, this one is common.

Close Encounters.jpg Close Encounters
Убейте 20 противников атаками ближнего боя за одну миссию.
It can be easily done using a Flamer-melee combo against Drones on Easy or Normal difficulty. The Power Fist helps on higher difficulties.

Модификация сложности[]

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Больше всего на количество получаемых очков опыта зависит выбор уровня сложности.

  • Легко (50% XP)
  • Нормально (100% XP)
  • Сложно (120% XP)
  • Безумная (140% XP)
  • Брутальная (150% XP)